ELF has provided grants to the 7 district schools, plus the Early Childhood program at Jefferson, as well as district-wide contributions.  These grants help build our schools and provide unique learning opportunities for our children.  To see what has been awarded year by year, or at each school, click on the links below:

​​​​​The 2020/2021 Grant Application period is NOW CLOSED. Thank you for submitting your 2020-21 ELF Grant Proposal.  We are preparing to meet as a committee to review the submitted grants before spring break and hope to have all of the grants announced soon afterwards.

We appreciate all that you do to support our students and thank you for taking the time submit a Grant Proposal to ELF!


The Grants awarded for the 2019-2020 school year are listed below. 

​​​Since 1994, ELF has established and supported innovative educational programs by awarding grants to teachers and staff who are committed to excellence in education. This school year, more than $21,500 in grants were awarded to District 64 schools, advancing ELF’s total direct grants to nearly $814,500!

We often receive requests that total well in excess of available funds. As a result, ELF is not able to fund every grant proposal, much as we would like.  

Tower Gardens- Carpenter Elementary School
Tower Gardens are a soilless growing medium to quickly and efficiently grow fruits and vegetables in any environment.  The learning opportunities for students are endless and span the curriculum. This program is innovative as it takes a typical gardening experience and brings it into the classroom.  Rather than students getting to see a couple seeds sprout in a plastic cup, they will experience a variety of foods growing and observe them at every stage. This is a wonderfully unique opportunity to enhance the current science unit with a year-round hands-on science experiment.  Carpenter’s PTO is partnering with ELF to implement this 3-year program to all 2nd grade science classrooms.

The Movement Pathway-Field Elementary School
The Movement Pathway is an exciting intervention to learning.  Teachers, therapists and administration are looking for ways to provide supports to all students to be ready to learn. The objective of the Movement Pathway is to offer students, of all abilities, the opportunity to learn, regulate and have fun while performing an appropriate activity in the hallway.  Using all environments, including the floors and walls within buildings, offers more learning space within all buildings starting at Field. Providing a multi-sensory approach to learning is a proactive learning experience. The grant will offer the opportunity for multiple domains to interact on the benefit of students. Motor planning, social emotional learning, visual scanning and sensory needs can all be supported by this pathways. 

One Book, One School, One Wish-Field Elementary School
When an entire school reads the same book, the buzz and excitement around the book augments these benefits.  Reading a book together brings the added joy of building and expanding a sense of community among students, parents, teachers, and staff – and beyond.  As a school, having one book that is given to all families sends a unique message, both in that reading is a vital part of our school community, as well as that our school is rooted in kindness.  Working together with Field’s PTO, this grant will provide the community of Field School one common experience this summer: the opportunity to read Katherine Applegate’s book, ​Wishtree​, as a family.  The goal is for every person in the Field community to experience this amazing, community-building novel, to set the stage for the 2019-2020 school year around the school theme of Everyone is Welcome Here.

Full STEAM Ahead: Learning via LEGOS-Jefferson School
Full STEAM Ahead:  Learning via LEGOS is an innovative project that will allow the youngest learners of District 64 the opportunity for hands-on coding and STEAM experiences through play with LEGOS.  Preschool-age children learn by doing: intentional teaching leads to exponential learning. This grant will provide hands-on learning through play reinforcing sequencing, looping, cause and effect, and coding, while providing opportunities for observing, experimenting, investigating, studying force and motion, balance, spatial awareness and more. 

Robotics & Coding in the Elementary School-Carpenter, Field, Franklin, Roosevelt, and Washington Schools
Coding is considered a necessary “literacy” for most college majors and career paths.  It is a skill that incorporates design thinking, creative problem solving, perseverance, and sequencing skills.  Sphero Bolt robots offer both beginner-level and advanced coding opportunities for learners of all ages and in all content area.  In order to promote the 4C’s learning experiences, computational thinking, multi-age coding opportunities, and college/career readiness skills, the Instructional Technology Coaches at the 5 elementary schools will engage staff and students in the implementation of lessons using Sphero Bolt robots and the Sphero EDU coding app.